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ABOUT Kefalonia , Ionian

Island lush beaches of incredible beauty, the waters of emerald color and an intense cultural aura. Is Kephalonia, glowing in the Ionian Sea. The largest of the Ionian Islands and one of the most popular tourist destinations.download


The island was named after the mythical Cephalus – the hero of many ancient Greek myths. In the Homeric texts the island is mentioned under the name “Sami“, which even today is the name of one of the largest towns of the island, while the people who lived there and were led by Ulysses, where called the “Kephallenians”. It is characteristic that in Kefalonia the names of the villages end in – ata, as well as the surnames of the residents end in – atos, as for example Kourkoumelata and Tzanata and correspondingly “Georgatos” – a very common surname in Kefalonia.
Kephalonia lies in the heart of an earthquake zone, and dozens of minor, unrecorded tremors occur each year. In 1953, a massive earthquake destroyed almost all of the settlements on the island, leaving only Fiskardo in the north untouched. The capital of Kefalonia is Argostoli, where are concentrated all the central services, while other major cities – centers for business and tourism are Lixouri, Sami, Poros, Skala, Fiskardo and Assos. In the hundreds of villages of Kefalonia you will find the traditional Ionian architecture, with Venetian influences and you will get the opportunity to witness the famous Kefalonian hospitality that will really win you over!


Kefalonia is a place of rich natural beauty and great historic importance with attractions that will entice every visitor.
Apart from the beautiful shores and beaches, which by themselves are the attractions of nature – who does not admire the surroundings of Myrtos, for example – the natural environment of Kefalonia is very diverse.
Although it is an island, Kefalonia presents quite extensive mountain massifs, dominated by its highest mountain, Enos. Marine wetlands, a single lake, Avythos  in Poros, as well as rare and exceptional phenomenons, such as the Katavothres outside of Argostoli and the lagoon lake of Mellissani in Karavomilos of Sami are among the natural attractions of Kefalonia, that are not to be missed.ke1
Regarding culture, the inhabitants of Kefalonia are proud to have a series of monuments that will forever remind of significant moments of its history – and are also great works of art. The Venetian and the British Rule have left their influence on many aspects of culture and have left behind them famous attractions, including the Venetian Castle at Assos, Bridge Devosetos in Argostoli and the Castle of St. George.
Finally, you will also find among the attractions of Kefalonia the statues and busts of great personalities of Kefalonia, that have left their mark in history, the arts and letters, such as the Statue of Andrew Laskaratos, the satirical poet, on the beach in Lixouri.

Food – Wine – Tastes

The cuisine of Kefalonia familiar and original. Tastes houses, but also special. The island self-sufficient in food, produces pure materials. Yellow cheese, feta cheese, oil, honey, meats, cold cuts production. And many original recipes. Kefalonian recipes have come, notebooks with recipes that traveled through time from generation to generation. Try typical meat pie, lagoto with rabbit, goat sofigado. Taste bakaliaropita with salted cod and garlic sauce with potatoes boiled in broth of cod with lemon or vinegar. There is strapatsada with eggs and tomatoes and Tsigarida is stewed greens. Traditional sweets, nougat and quince paste. And of course is the famous wine in Kefalonia, the Robola, dry wine with delicate flavor.


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